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dorky blogspot blog of the day 13

Many of you now know the brilliance that is I, Asshole, but probably much fewer of you know of the brilliance that is Asshole's 14 year-old sister. Not one to jump on the bandwagon, her blog is almost nothing like I, Asshole, and for a blog about the trials and tribulations of girls trying on each others' waterbras (among other things), it is amazingly fresh and funny whenever she posts.

As far as I'm concerned, her taglines (kicking squealing gucci little piggy) blow away Wil Wheaton's stupid monkey tagline anyway.

I'd post a few more links to her past funny posts (like the ones about her class mates who made up a new religeon based on her, called Morganism, which sounds a little like a disease) but she needs to republish her archives, and she doesn't have absolute links anyway.

Enjoy Opinion Pie!


she is bloody hilarious :)