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I bought danieltalsky.com too, while I was buying domain names. I was so consumed with getting the tinyplace moved that I didn't put anything there but an Email link.

I wanted to wait until I could put up a meaningful placeholder page...something with class and style that would really represent me online.

Here it is.

Eventually of course it's going to be my professional site. The web page I can give people the URL to when I want them to know I have a web page, but don't want them here.


For some reason, I read that as Danieltal Sky dot com. The official site for the next Tom Cruise flick, perhaps?

oooOOOO - doesn't it feel good when you finally get your own domain name?

Welcome to the ranks, m'love! ::smoochies::

I'm liking the new digs. Way to go, Daniel-san!

I like your other site. Much class, much dignity. Very nice. Indeed very nice. And this site? Why, it looks just jim-dandy. Kudos!