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coming, er...going soon

I just wanted to make the general announcement that I've finally made the leap, and purchased my own domains and lighning fast hosting space.

I am in the process of moving the tinyplace over to it's new home at tinyplace.org. It's a fair amount of work...I'm converting the whole blog to PHP, and just trying to have things a bit better organized, and that means converting a lot of links and filenames, and moving this whole Movable Type operation over there.
So what I'm saying is, this is not going to take place by tomorrow.

However, it will happen soon, and then I will only be Shauna's honorary sweet, sweet bitch. Wish me luck!


So now there will only be three of us bitches. Someday we'll all get together and sigh and say, "Remember when all four of us were Shauna's bitches?" And we'll laugh and drink our International Coffee House coffee. Or something.

hooray! now there will be room for me to post all of my "split beaver" fotos!

Well, it's about time. Good luck, Daniel.

fine! just go ahead and leave me. i won't cry.