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a chink in the armor of maryromantic

I know, I shouldn't be so excited about this but I can't help it. I have an obsession with maryromantic like Asshole has about young earnest christian bloggers.

As you may know, one of the only conditions by which you may write to Mary (besides being her potential true love and properly filling out her form) is to inform her that you've sent her a link to her site. Which I did, back when I posted my original post about her. In that Email, I sent along a personal note asking for some correspondance if at all possible, to which I got a form letter denial.

The permalink was to the version of the site on shauny.org, to which the permalinks no longer exist. So just recently I got an Email from Mary asking if there was still a working link to her, as she was building an external links page finally.

I wrote her back with the updated links, and another sincere request for an interview. Only this time I actually got a personal reply back! It didn't say much, but it did say she was putting up a link list, and would notify me when it was up, and that I could ask her again then about an interview.


I have a handful of interview questions in mind, many having to do with the material that used to be on her site in the tripod version but was removed. However, are there any readers who have questions they would like asked of Mary? I would be curious to know.


Does size matter?

Oooh Daniel, I am just as interested in the results of a possible interview w/ this woman! To be honest, she boggles my mind so much I can't think of anything to ask her, but I am sure your questions will be great. Can't wait to hear more about this.

i just wonder what compells her to put herself out like that so bravely. i'd never do it.

Ask her what kind of success she's had with her site and and how that success compares to her more "conventional" attempts at meeting potential mates. Has this site brought her happiness?