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2002 bloggies

Well, as a weblog that loves other weblogs, I think I would be a little amiss if I didn't say anything about the 2002 bloggies, the annual weblog awards.

For one thing, I'd like to pout a little that hardly any of my friends won anything. What's New Pussycat won the Best Kept Secret award, and I think that may be the most righteous award given all year. If she's a secret, then what the hell am I?

Movable Type won Best Web Application. Duh.

Then of course Wil Wheaton won every fucking category he was nominated for. Which was most of them. Look...it's a good weblog. He is actually really funny, and I would hardly deny a washed up child actor the delight of a new (albiet much smaller) smattering of fame. But CHRIST PEOPLE, there's so much other talent out there. Who were all these people who felt the need to vote for him in every goddamn category!?

Well maybe next year people will be good and sick of him. Let the backlash begin! I wonder who this years' up and comers will be? I remember back when dollarshort.org was a fresh new thing. What a fucking crime she didn't win best new weblog. Oh well. I could only vote once.

Plus, if Wil Wheaton hadn't won in a majority of the categories, I would probably have more to write about. Damn him for his funny stories about how much of an asshole William Shatner is. Damn him!


I'm skeptical of the whole "best kept secret" thing myself. But who gives a damn? It's just a ridiculous contest. You'll still have your readers and the winning blogs, incluing your former master, will have theirs.

Oh Ed, in my opinion, Best Kept Secret is one of the most prestigious categories. All the other ones are basically about eyeballs. Who got the most eyeballs and exposure that year. But "Best Kept Secret" is only for blogs that rank low on BlogDex, so it's about weblogs that are good enough to have people that love them, even though they're not on the official "A-List Sidebar".

I have to admit that, as much as I adore Wil Wheaton, I was a little stunned at his Bloggies sweep. I was also a bit disappointed that so many people won the same awards as last year (ie Plastic Bag, Loobylu, etc). But, so it goes.

jeez. i can smell the backlash already.

The thing is, it was supposed to be about the blogs, and Wil's blog, while kind of nice, is really nothing special. So-so design and vaguely interesting commentary, but really nothing to shout about.