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January 31, 2001

excellent story

I can't recommend this unreservedly, cause it's pretty hard-core, but if you're feeling particularly strong, go read this excellent story.

A warning: it's not for the faint of heart.

given further consideration

Given further consideration, I realized the day wasn't completely bad. I met an old friend today who I hadn't seen in year, by chance, and it was so good to see her. Plus, I hung out with my sister...who is a pretty incredible support.

January 30, 2001

life kicked my ass tonday

Damn, life kicked my ass today. I didn't ask it to, it just beat me to a bloody pulp, and then threw in a few insulting little touches. I spent my move-in money for my new place on car repairs today. It's no big surprise but $470 to replace the blown O2 sensor and tune it up. Cars can really be hell.

I just am trying to live and eat and work and get to the places where I live, eat, and work. This would seem to be a reasonable aspiration.

Oh, everything just had a sour taste today. I spend half the day arranging my schedule to help a friend move some of the last of her stuff, and ended up with her being pissed off at me. It's just so hard to be committed to dealing with people without using harsh words when they can be so damn wrongheaded!

Oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood.

young Chicago boy

I lived in Chicago for a winter in 1992. I met some amazing people there and fell in love with the jewellike skyline. It captivated me, but I was 18 and had no idea why I was working or what I was working for and pretty much felt sick-hearted all the time.

I remember I got pink-eye and had to go sit in the scary-ass Cook County Hospital intake room for over 6 hours to get a free examination and prescription. I felt so sick and pathetic with my burning eye and no money to get a coke.

Some things were really cool. I was making pretty good money at a temp job...I read poetry at a cafe called the "No Exit" where old Chinese men clacked their fingers through pots of Go-moku stones as they played for hours...I got a little walkman and my soundtrack was Stone Temple Pilots "Core" and Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" and King Crimson's "Discipline", I drank tons of coffee at pretentious lincoln park coffee shops...I tried LSD and thought, "Life can never be the same again!"

I was right.

Oh, by the way, go look at the Lincoln Park link, it's worth it. A little bit of authentic Chicago culture for ya.

And you know Shauny? She's even cooler than you think.

January 27, 2001

I was a boy scout

I was a boy scout.

We had these obnoxious scout leaders who came up with a foolproof technique for waking up teenage boys who had been up all night playing Dungeons and Dragons, ninja stick-fighting and drinking bug juice. They would sing morning glory as loud and off-key as they possibly could (with lots of fake vibrato and voice modulation) until we finally couldn't stand it and got up at seven o' clock in the damn morning. There was no escape.

Included for your enjoyment is the song lyrics. Actually quite nice, but I will never be able to seperate them from their butchery:

Oh what a beautiful morning glory,
Dressed and caressed by the dew.
Oh what a beautiful morning glory,
Good morning glory, to you.

January 24, 2001

archives are now working

And, I believe ARCHIVES are now working. No you can go back and rehash all of that tinyblog goodness. I knew you would want to.

tinyblog now lives here

tinyblog now lives here, at:
please update your links and all that rot.

Due to Freedom to Surf sucking, tinyblog has relocated to it's new and friendlier digs at Shauny.org. Thanks again to Shauny.org for your generousity and trust, and for the novel length Emails.

January 23, 2001

first contact with shauny.org

Hey, can I just take this moment to say how great Shauny is? Besides the fact that she's offered to host the tinyblog (so I can have archives, and blogvoices, yay!), and besides the fact that she is, indeed, more cheap thrills than a smoking donkey, she is a damn fine writer, and as tiny as they come.

silly mix poem

I was over at a friend's house and he was showing me his vast collection of MP3's (SO many!) and he started dropping tracks onto a CD for me and when we were done he burned it and handed it to me. It was a mystery. I have played it a few times, and there's a few things I really like, and some things that drive me crazy. So I wrote little reminders of what each song was, and it made a little poem. Here it is:

1.The Breeders - Something?
2. Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage.
3. Ministry? KMFDM? Lay Lady Lay.
4. ? Organ has so much body
5. ? Smurfs Mix
6. Electronikmusik?
7. Ghana post office
8. Disco constantly beginning
9. Someone screaming like rob zombie
10. Magic Carpet ride remix
11. Silly techno song - speed racer
12. Sesame Street Mix
13. Losermix
14. Leonard nimoy sings the bilbo baggins song
15. Whovianmix
16. Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice Baby

This guy saw the Vanilla Ice movie "Cool as Ice" like 9 times in theaters.

January 22, 2001


No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful.
Everybody dies frustrated and sad, and that is...beautiful.

Does anyone know where raising your hand for permission to speak came from? How about clapping?

Also, check out **Lovely!**
and **Hilarious!**

Tell me a story.

January 20, 2001

maximize your inner freak

I just wanted to post a link that kind of sent me. It's pathos at its best. It's a blog, and it's called Maximize Your Inner Freak. It is VERY erotic, but that's not really why I'm recommending it...you can read hundreds of dirty stories here. It's really more that this lady is so blindingly into blogging, and sort of committed to do what she's doing, even though she's not pleased with the kind of response she gets.

What can she expect, I know, but still she goes on day after day with her nearly pathological sexiness. I almost want to offer to do just little design for her, though. She's got the blogger template and hasn't even changed the color. Oh that's enough of my commentary, it speaks for itself.

will you host me?

You know, I'm about tired of Freedom To Surf. Sure, they're free, but I can't get the ftp to work. It's funny, Front Page auto-publish works fine, but I'm no longer satisfied with that. Plus, it will accept my blog but not the archives page, and now that there's WAY more archives than current....plus no absolute links...

So I'm asking if anyone out there wants to host the tinyblog. There's virtually nothing in it for you, probably not even a warm glow in your heart. But tinyblog doesn't take up much space, and if you're game, so am I.

January 19, 2001

pictures of me on the internet

At last! Pictures of me on the internet! Just what the world has been waiting for. (See sidebar for details.)

January 18, 2001

night kid

When I was a kid, I used to be hooked on Dr. Demento, a funny radio show. He plays novelty songs, and he does it well. I remember listening under my covers with a little radio and headphones. I wasn't supposed to be up at that hour, so when I hear Wierd Al Yankovic's FAT:

And I've never used a phone booth
and I've never seen my toes
when I go out to the movies
I take up seven rows....

Well...it was funny to my 11-year old self, and I laughed so hard I thought I was going to call attention to my late night perusal and get in trouble. I didn't.

I used to quetly sneak into my parents' room and get the trashy rated-r movies they had rented. Def-Con 4 is the only one I remember. I thought it was great. Any wonder I work the graveyard shift?

Email works.

January 16, 2001

naked on public access

Ok, I've known you all for a little while now...I think it was about time I told you about the times I was naked on public access cable TV.

I used to read poetry aloud pretty often in Seattle. One day a lady who ran a poetry reading on Public Access called "Sweet Immolation" approached me and asked me if I wanted to read poetry for the summer show. She said it was going to be the "Summer of Love" show, and that we could wear hippie clothes or streak or whatever. I could even read my poetry naked she said. The idea of reading poetry naked on TV just seemed like the coolest possible thing to be doing. So I said yes.

It aired on the same night as the poetry reading all my friends went to, so I told them I would do a reprisal at the Globe Cafe in Seattle, WA the following week. So I got in the cable studio, whipped off my clothes, and read some poetry (one of the poems was called When I Read Poetry Naked on Cable TV and I LOST IT!). It was super fun, and I think they bluescreened out my body and made it some trippy pattern instead, so I don't even think I showed up naked except for the people in the studio audience.

Was I seen? Yes. One of my female massage clients saw it. I was pretty sheepish actually. It could have been anyone else and I wouldn't have cared. She said she thought the poetry was good though...so that's not so bad.

Anyway, the following week, I again did naked poetry, but this time in front of a rowdy crowd at the Globe Cafe. It was a blast. In fact, it was such a blast that I promised to do it again next year. Which I did. Afterwards, I went out for a beer with a friend and some really good looking girls who were dressed really funny. They said they were going to go to The Crypt, a fetish botique in Seattle, and be on a cable access show in fetish wear. When one of the girls heard that I had just been reading poetry naked, she begged me to come with and read it naked in front of the camera. It wasn't anything new to me, and the whole thing sounded pretty exciting, so I went with them. Little did I know it was the Mike Hunt Show.

The Mike Hunt show is notorious in Seattle, and Mike himself has been arrested for showing porn on public access cable TV. So, when I got there, I tool off my clothes, but no one was really paying any attention to poetry, so I just ended up prancing around in one of the girls' Rabbit Skin Coat, getting spanked, and just generally having a seriously good time. So much for my political career.

Was I seen? Yes. About a week later at work, one of my co-workers asked me innocently if I had ever been on public access. For the next year I worked at that job, there were hundreds, nay thousands, of cheap jabs and bunny jokes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I never wanted to be a politician anyway.

January 9, 2001

ahhhhhh, redesign bliss

Ahhhhhh, redesign bliss. Any comments? danieltalsky@hotmail.com

redesign, three.oh

You know, I actually AM doing a proper redesign. This was something I threw up with an intention to throw something else up, but then I decided to do it proper...and that really takes time. Coding nested tabled by hand with all of those wierd-ass blogger tags gives me a big headache. Oh yeah, pretty soon I'm gonna put up some pictures of me and get the archive working. Until then, I have no choice but to continue blogging.

For the very best in web design, Three.Oh - Inspirational Kingdom. James has a really good eye. and always finds really sharp stuff. Plus he's prolific...I don't know how he has time to work, he comes up with a few links a day at least.

Oh, and lest I forget, the: Pot Pie of the Day
Today's pot pie is Amy's Kitchen Organic Pot Pie. their regular vegetable is my favorite. Not as hearty as marie callender's, and the top doesn't brown in the microwave, but when I eat it I feel like I'm eating actual food.

January 8, 2001


Oh yeah, and vote in the 2000 Pixelfest for your favorite 16 Color Movie.

what is tiny?

I actually love blogging and blogs in general. When I try to explain it to normal people, they don't think it sounds very cool. But it IS...oh is it ever. I like getting correspondance from people who's blogs I really admire. Like today for instance, I got an Email from the excellent What's New Pussycat at Shauny.org. She said (among other things), "...you seem so sweet and just a little crazy...".

If anyone wonders what the 'tiny' in 'tinyblog' is all about, that's pretty much it. So sweet and just a little crazy. I'm not making any sense. Tiny is like an affectionate nickname that became an existential adjective.

Here's a little help:

Tiny: The Dalai Lama
Not Tiny: Dick Cheney
Tiny: They Might be Giants
Not Tiny: Rob Zombie
Tiny: Mutts
Not Tiny: B.C.
Tiny: Bobcat Godthwait
Not Tiny: Jerry Seinfeld (jerry doesn't have an official website...isn't that wierd?)
Tiny: Droopy Dog
Not Tiny: Tom

That should clear things up.

Oh yeah, and I'm introducing a new feature.

Pot Pie of the Day: Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie:
Marie Callender's Pot Pies have this wierd reflective insert on the top of the box, so when you cool them in the microwave, it actually browns the top of the pot pie. Sounds strange, I know, but when you're at work with nothing but a microwave, a pot pie with a brown top crust sounds might good. I like 'em with cottage cheese on top. They have beef bot pies too, but somehow I can never bring myself to get them.

Ok, that's it. Love, D

January 6, 2001

to blog or not to blog

I'd kind of like to thank the booge, he's sort of kept me from mentally abandoning the tinyblog. Since I'm linked on his sidebar, I simply MUST blog.

So shall I amuse you with a lighthearted anecdote? A song of the day, perhaps? Maybe my review of Tom Hanks' Cast Away (***), or Mamet's State and Main (****)? A link to some fascinating sites I have happened upon?


I am here to tell you a story of pain, suffering, tragedy, and the cruel hand of fate. You see, I have a computer. It is in good working condition, and would be everything I need in a computer. Except for the fact that I am missing a hard drive. Now we all know that storage is cheap these days, and a 20 or 30 Gig HD these days is chicken feed...a mere $120 or so.

But alas, I am financially challenged, and have had this generous gift of a computer for a coupla months now with only a hard drive between me and home computer bliss. But finally, at long last, I had managed to put together the money required to purchase said hard drive.

Last night was not my night. I went out to celebrate the birthdays of two girls at work. We had dinner at Azteca, where I had possibly the worst chile relleno I have ever had the misfortune to partially consume. One of the birthday girls beat me at armwrestling in full view of all of my workmates (who made it clear to me that it would never be lived down!). It was no good.

Then, they were going to go over to the girls house where we would all drink and carouse. The directions she gave me to her house were terrible, and I wondered around Bothell, WA for a long time before finally calling on my cel phone to get directions. I got her boyfriend on the phone, who couldn't give me directions on the phone and didn't sound like he wanted anyone to come over anyway. In the middle of the conversation my batteries went out and I just decided to go home.

I hit I-405 and was feeling shitty and anxious to just go home and take a bath. The cop clocked me at 77 in a 66 and didn't even ask me for an excuse. He just checked my ID, ran me in the computer, and wrote me a ticket. $119, and goodbye Mr. Hard Drive. Such a sad, sad story.