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the dirty side

What is this, you're saying to yourself, this is supposed to be "sex week", and I haven't seen any just straight up sexy sex action yet! All this weird-ass stories and no sweaty, buck-wild stories of fun, fun, fun. I want my money's worth!

Well, first off, I would like to remind you that the tinyblog comes to you free of any charge (hell, even Kottke couldn't charge for a weblog!) but still, I want you people to feel you have received value, and so I will provide at least one purely salacious story to round out sex week.

I'm going to refer to all the parties by their real first names, mainly because I've posted stories about them with their real names before (hey, internal consistancy is important!), and I know for a fact that they delight in this story. Plus, it's several years ago, and all involved parties are in much different situations now.

Okay enough! I met Cara with her husband outside of a poetry reading in Seattle. They invited me to come over to their house that very night, and Cara started flirting with me right from that moment. Once, after having known them for about a month, I was sitting in the van with her, and she said to me:

"Daniel, *husband* said to me the other day, 'I see how Daniel looks at you.'"
("stammerstammerstammer", I said.)
"Good thing he didn't see how I look back."
("ummmmmm", I said.)

Months went by and I was introduced to not one, not two, but three different lovers of Cara's. It's weird, you can know someone is major trouble, and still respect and love them in 100,000 ways and that's how I felt about Cara. At least one of us had our wits about us usually, though, and so nothing happened between us.

At some point, Cara decided to go to school at the hippie school Evergreen State, and she was then down in Olympia much of the time, living out of her van, and not up in Seattle with her husband much. Consequently, I did not see much of her.

Finally, one day, she called me while I was at work, and said, "Hey, me and my new friend her in Olympia are coming up to Seattle for a school project. We're going to be up there tonight, can we come pick you up from work and commandeer you for the evening?"

Which they did. Cara's friend Jezebel greeted me pretty warmly from the get-go, and we went out to dinner and got a bottle of wine to take to Cara's house. We had a little wine and both Cara and Jezebel clearly had some kind of plan. As the evening was near it's end, Cara turned to me and said, "Hey Daniel, can we come over to your house and have a massage?" (I'm a massage therapist.)

"Yeah," piped up Jezebel, "and sleep over?"

Now I consider myself this pretty liberated guy, who can sleep with a girl and not do anything, and, in fact, I have done it many times, before and since. And I had good reason to behave. Not only was Cara still technically married, but I was attached myself. After Cammy's New Years Eve freak-out (which I have yet to blog about) we were seperated for a month, but under the auspices on continued fidelity. So I was NOT ABOUT to be seduced by two lovely women just because I had two glasses of wine in me, you follow me?

So I let them take me home, and I gave first Jezebel a massage. When I was done, she just got up from the table without putting her clothes on, went to the bathroom, and went and laid down in my bed. Hmm. I got Cara on the table and gave her her massage and then she did basically the same thing.

I looked at them both, laying naked in my bed, looking coyly at me and said, "I'm going to meditate for a minute." (Maybe they would fall asleep by the time I was done.)

I sat down and took a few breaths. Instead of meditating I went over it in my mind. I wasn't going to sleep with these two beautiful girls because I would be betraying not only Cara'a husband, who I considered a friend, but also my own sort-of-ex-lover of several months, who I knew it would totally ruin things with. With a firm resolve, I walked over to the bed.

"You have to lay in the middle," they cooed.

The next six hours were 300 minutes of pure torture as they subtly rubbed up against me and I smelled their hot girl smells and felt their smooth, slender bodies up against me. Cara even mocked me, "It's no use, Jessie, he's too much of a good Buddhist to do anything."

Then, at 4am, she said, "You know, if we would have just done it we'd all be asleep by now!"

I could only admit it was true, and that my rationalizations were quickly eroding. It had been hours and we were all still awake and crackling with sexual energy. I gently stroked them, and when each hand found a tender moist place, I knew I was lost.

"Daniel?" Cara began to query, incredulously.

"Yes," I said, both resigned and quivering with excitement, "I'm going to fuck you both."

In light of all the trouble that it subsequently caused me, I have to say that it was goddamn fun. I would have sex with one of them until my hunger for the other became unbearable, and then I would switch. They sort of half-heartedly fooled around with each other, but it was just for show, and they really did me up right and made me feel like the main event. That combination of guilt and just raw power, and feeling like it was just so many mens' fantasy was so intoxicating, and we did indeed all fall asleep with exhaustion when it was all done.

I don't know if there's an event in my life that I both relish and regret so deeply as that night. Cheers.

Coming soon: Guest Post from World Wide Jeb, and "sex week" poetry!


Hmm. Y'know that doesn't sound too bad. Neatly done, bastard-guy.

That's it! You are SO out of the club! Get out! Get out!


You know you've lived every guy's dream, right?

OOOooo. Now *that's* something I've never done - at least not with another girl. I always wondered what it'd be like to pounce a guy with another girl.

However, I must say that I think the whole deal is like what you said - when you're the only one of your sex involved in such a thing, it seems like the attention is *all* on you, no matter what. Which is awesome. I swear, everyone should do this at least once!

Criminy, I sound like such a whore....LOL