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it's okay to play in the muck

I went to Bellingham to go see my sweet and loopy ex-roomie, now happily paired with the man of her dreams and going to school to be a Phyto-Remediation expert. I think that's where you learn how to use plants to repair toxicity in the environment.

She's really into not letting things go to waste. She saves everything. ("I let Colin throw away an old pair of shoes today!" she protests, but I lived with her, so really I know better.)

The reason I'm mentioning this is that she recently harvested some 5 5-gallon buckets of apples from neglected apple trees in the greater Bellingham area, and her kitchen is filled with jars of applesauce. I brought over some rum and we made cider and drank rummy cider and they taught me to play cribbage. (One for his nob! And two for his heels!)

She also told me about this poem she wrote. It was so nice, I wanted to post it:

It's okay to play
in the muck
just don't stay
every day
don't get stuck.

Please remember that.


How do you make cider with rum?

You take cider, you put rum in it. Cinnamon is optional. Good lord, I've given away the keys to the kingdom.

oooh asshole. hehehe

Cute poem.