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Well, in doing sex week for so long now, I've amassed a few things I wanted to talk about that I haven't really got the chance...so I will take this opportunity to do a little name-dropping and talk about what's going on in my little bloggy world.

For one thing, things at the Asshole family are going great guns, what with a foxy new redesign and new home for I, Asshole here at Shauny dot org. That makes a grand total of three of us bitches of Shauna's. Ahhhh, being Shauna's sweeet sweeet bitch is the life.

In other Asshole news, Asshole's little sister has started her own little weblog, Opinion Pie, and I tell you, it's worth reading!

Can I just say that the more time goes by, the more I admire what Dooce does over there in that Doocery.

I also met two more webloggers in real life! First, the Ghetto Fabulous Julie of Accidental, who flashed her Texas charm all over the place in Seattle the other night. It's amazing the kind of online bravado people can generate and then be so shy when you meet them!

Also, Julie managed to lure the elusive Zannah out into the open where I could check out her whole scene. Besides the fact that she's lucky enough to have a boyfriend who can do a flawless Macho Man Randy Savage impression, she just kind of surprised me!

I'll fess, I always thought of her as being something of a crass self-promoter online, simply because she's awfully popular. But in person it is clear that she is self-effacing and accessable and just really fun and child-like. Not at all what I expected!

And last, but not least: Does anyone else find it really spooky that one of the most regular bloggers on the planet, Melissa of Pie in the Sky just dropped off the face of the earth without a word last month? I still go visit her site to scope out her last post, which is starting to seem spookier and spookier to me, since it just gives no indication of what happened to her? Does anyone know? Can we open an X-File?


hee hee hee, thanks for the shout out. I still think we should have some kinda three part buttoner. I would be so down. I'm just sayin. Word.