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movable mena

Well, tonight I finally met Mena and Ben (movable type, dollarshort.org, ben in perl) on their trek from San Fran to Canada. I dragged them to my favorite little Chinese dive, the Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant and forced them to contend with the mass of noodles that is 'Wonton noodle soup with dumpling'.

I have to say that I got quite a thrill from it. They are just pretty normal people, and oh so sweet, but they're still my weblog celebrities of choice and it really was a big deal for me to meet them.

Quote of the night: Jerry, you look just like this guy I knew, only he was black...and toothless.

In attendance was:

Bloggertinyblog codename
Jerry KindallWhiteWithTeeth
I, Asshole4Ever4Star