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the I, Asshole challenge

I did it!

It's sort of Like the Pepsi Challenge...only there's no soda involved...or the comparing of two things...or a corporate entity...and it's actually challenging. Well, ok, it's nothing like the Pepsi Challenge.

You can call it MAME, or the Most Annoying Meme Ever. The challenge is, to write a post of 50+ words, where each and every word is linked. Not only that, but each link has to make magical sense...to you at least.

Asshole's opening entry is impressive to say the least, and not really annoying at all. It's actually kinda ingenious (see the links for "the" and "a"). I know where the annoying part comes in. It's in trying to do one myself. We shall see. GodDAMN that looks like a lot of work.

I did it, but only because I said to Asshole, "Asshole, people like memes. They love 'em. It gives meaning to their pathetic little existances, but there's one thing people do not like, and that's work! Making a meme that requires a lot of work is not likely to be very viral."

She agreed and busted the requirement down to only 50 words instead of the original 100. Whew! Now back to our regularly scheduled posting.