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the deep fryer

One boring summer vacation day, I decided I was going to do some deep frying. I think I had some french fries or something I wanted to start with. I filled a pan with a few inches of oil and made my fries.

Now I had a pan full of oil...what else could I deep fry?

I remember I pretty much tried to deep fry everything in the kitchen. I even tried to crack an egg and deep fry that. It got all bubbly and wierd, but it wasn't too bad if I remember correctly.

I must've sat there in that kitchen for an hour before I finally stopped, because I finally reached my deep frying limit.

I put in a piece of bread...yum, right? Like deep fried toast. I toasted it and let it cool off a little, and then took a hearty bite. A piece of bread is basically like a little sponge. I bit into it and about 4 tasblespoons of canola oil poured down my throat. Oh, how utterly yucky. No more deep frying for me.

Now I bake my french fries.