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quigley down under

I turned to my classmate as we were waiting to get the computer lab unlocked, "What's that Tom Selleck movie where he's a sharpshooter in Australia?"

She looked at me, puzzled....for a moment. Then the light went on, "Quigley Down Under."

Oh yeahhhh! I thought...when the lab was unlocked I looked up its entry on imdb, to see it's sad tagline: "There's a price on his head. A girl on his mind. And a twinkle in his eye."

I'll have to ask Shauna if it's "ozzed up", which is, she tells me, a term for actors in a movie really making themselves say "mate" and "g'day" a lot and really accentuating their accents. When I went to see "the dish", she told me it was ozzed up.

All I remember is Tom Selleck shooting things from really, really far away, which doesn't make for much of an action movie. Oooooh, he can hit a coffee can from 2000 feet! Bring on Van Damme! He's no match for Quigley down under.