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organ meats

organ meats

I didn't sleep. I was feeling a little weird and off, so I finally went to the grocery store to look for something to make for my lunch today.

I was just looking for a piece of meat to fry, but nothing was good and cheap...everything on sale looked grody. For some reason I picked up a big beef liver and looked at it for a moment. Then I went and looked at chicken, but QFC only has mega-packs of everything and it's hard to get just a little chicken. Then I saw a package of turkey organ meats and it just made my mouth water.

It dawned on my that I had been feeling a little sluggish, and there was probably something in those organ meats that my body was screaming out for. I decided to make an organ meat and root veggie fall soup. I got some turkey neck wierd parts to fill out the flavor of the stock, too.

I browned the necks, chopped onions and the diced organ meats, and put them in the water with chopped yams, parsnips, some squash, and a little S&P and oregano. It wasn't quite full bodied enough so I poured in a can of crushed tomatos...those grilled Muir Glen organic ones.

Even eating a couple of scraps of liver as I browned them was just so damn delicious...sometimes I'll get a craving for greens like that, never organ meats before though. The soup turned out great, and even though I still haven't slept, I just feel mellow and energized.

So this is to encourage you to go shopping and just look at stuff and pick it up and smell it and ask yourself what your body wants. Maybe it wants organ meats. Maybe not.