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I just took a short nap and had napmares. I don't usually remember my dreams if I sleep a whole night. Almost never. But when I sleep for less than an hour, then the dreams come.

I was driving somewhere...trying to get on I-5. I just remember being really confused and disoriented. I passed a street and two friends in the car with me started saying loudly, "You missed the turn-off, it was right there," and pointing as I passed.

I felt everything slow down and I couldn't think of what to do or how best to turn around and go back. Everything was so heavy and thick. I just pulled over to the side of the road. I was a busy street, and my friends were saying, "What are you doing?" They just seemed very alarmed and afraid.

I couldn't turn my head and something felt wrong about my position...I knew this wasn't a good place to pull over and I could mentally feel that a car could slam into us from the back at any moment. I could imagine how it would feel. It began to dawn on me that I was very drunk, and that the car was very slowly turning in the wrong direction. I thought I had my foot on the brake pedal but now I wasn't sure. My friends were gone.

Again I felt like I was in a strange position...gravity was pulling from the wrong direction. I wondered if I had had my foot on the gas and flipped the car. The police were going to come and all of the terribleness of an motor vehicle accident was going to begin anew.

Then I realized why gravity seemed to be wrong...it was coming from the side, because I was lying down. I was in my bed. I was not really in a car. Relief, of the profoundest kind, but how sad and tired I feel.