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lunch question of the day

My freshman year of high school was actually the most fun year. I made friends with a bunch of Theater seniors, and then they were all gone by my sophomore year. So, for that one year I was sort of cool, and sat with a cool, slutty journalism major that I had a major crush on.

We sat together for lunch, and that year developed some level of geeky noteriety as a lunch table for our bizarre demonstrations with the school's sub-food pizza product, and for our lunch time questions.

They were rather Howard Stern-ish usually, playing on the puerile sexual fascination of our fellow students. One notable question, asked to at least 30 people during the course of a lunch hour, "Would you voluntarily sleep with your opposite-sex parent for a billion dollars?"

Best answer? "Hell yeah! I'd sleep with my mom and my grandmother on national television and do it up all nasty for a billion dollars!"