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don't feel too damn much like blogging

And why not? Well, I'm doing a bunch of back-end stuff. For one thing, I'm in the process of converting the tinyblog to the amazingly amazing Movable Type, about to mature into it's second official release.

For another, I'm helping a couple of other people movie their blogs over to MT.

For another, I'm learning how to script in ASP.

And for another, Halloween is coming up and this year just seems like the year to have a super fun time all over the place. All of my friends are taking it very seriously and there's a million and a half parties to go to. (I think I'm going to try and make four of them!)

I think I'm gonna be Jesus, and the guy from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

In addition to my behind-the-scenes work, I also have updated the Linklove page to include a list of Seattle bloggers.

Enough of making only heartbreakingly good blog friends in Australia. It's about time to read some people that I could concievably go have coffee with! So shouts out to Seattle bloggers.

That's enough. I said I didn't feel much like blogging!