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blogmeet, seattle style

I had (almost) never met another blogger, and then suddenly, like a deluge they were upon me. They were a damn personable set of people. Even in giving each other shit they were pretty kind.

Funny that a San Fransisco weblogger was the glue that pulled us all together. I can honestly say that Jish is a truly charming guy, and I can see why everyone turns up when he comes into town. His tinyblog codename is: JishyJishFromJishport.

I also got to meet the SNoT crew, Erin and Shawn. Shawn distinguished himself by offering to pay for every last drop of water we drank. In addition, when I told him about another (cheaper, more parking-friendly) place we could drink, asked me if I knew it's coordinates so he could find it on his GPS. His tinyblog codename is: MrGenerousity, and Erin's is either: MaximumBoots or her alternate codename is: MaximumCleavage.

One pleasant surprise was Nina of Geegaw.com, who was a very quietly charming young lady. I can honestly say that, upon meeting her, I understand her cryptic little blog much better. She is quite a cryptic girl. Her tinyblog codename is: GaramondItalic.

The other two dans and assorted other sweet, dorky boys delighted me with their signature brand of amazing Seattle hip geekiness. Let's just say there were a lot of digital cameras there that night. And not just the boys, I guess I should say.

Bitchquick, Asshole, and usr/bin/punkin/ were apparently not able to make it, and were missed. Quite a gaggle of cute girls whose blogs I had never heard of were there as well, and I look forward to checking out their online writings. Of them, Rebecca's tinyblog codename is FoxyGlasses.

The tiny linklove page has now been updated to include all the new folks I met, and I now believe it to be quite a complete list of Seattle bloggers. If you're into that kind of thing.