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t i n y p l a c e

Today I finally got the details worked out and put up tinyplace, the site that houses the tinyblog.

What is there? Well, there's the tinyblog of course. And a splashy splash page. And a list of links...pretty exciting, right?

Well, the meat of it is really If I Call It Poetry, Will Anyone Read It?

Through most of the 90's, I spent at least one night a week in a coffee shop somewhere in Chicago, Rockford, or Seattle, writing and reading aloud poetry that I thought would at the very least get people's attention. One time I even won the original Green Mills poetry slam in uptown Chicago, the first, and possibly rowdiest poetry reading in the nation.

I've got four poems up now, to read, and listen to in .mp3 format. I've recorded several and will gradually put them up as it seems prudent.

In addition, I hope to be adding other sections to tinyplace...like, you know, all the essentials...an about me page for instance. Hehehe.