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My Mom has liked every one of my girlfriends. Some she's gotten really tight with and others not so much, but she's gone into it really thinking each one was pretty swell. I asked her once, why that was. "Well," she said, "I figure they have good taste, so that's one mark in their favor right off the bat."

On that note, I can't help but be particularly endeared to people who link to the tinyblog, whether I know them or not. May I first mention Michele, who runs the stellar A Fire Inside. Her site of the day is always something worth looking at, so I am honored to be hers today.

So let me give a little tinylink shout out to all the others (I know of) who toss some linkylove my way (in no particular order):

Poagao's World - Joe Jennett's The Ageless Project - The Booge - melp.net - Pie In The Sky - Krisalis - Venusburg - Sanity Check - It's All About Lilly White - It's Always The Quiet Ones - The Airman's Mess - Barsticus' First Blog - World Wide Jeb - dollarshort.org - Tales of an East Coast Geek - Foemat - Lukelog - sabrina.bealer.dot.com - Blog You! - On the Bayou - Bleuzfire.org - Mind on Fire - icbleu - Orbyn.com - not.so.soft - little.red.boat - My Wacky Life - What's New Pussycat - shellyWEB

If I missed anyone, please let me know!