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blogspot blog of the day revival

For a while there, in the very early days of the tinyblog, I would search through hundreds...nay, millions of blogspot blogs, trying to find that one gem in the rough. Well, I don't do that anymore. I sit around waiting for other bloggers to dig something up for me.

In this case, the digger was Tom Working of Menucha Blog and Blog You! fame, and the diggee is our blogspot blog of the day, Blossom451 Speaks Her Mind. You know, after reading every entry (almost all of which are still up on the front page) I thought...you know, there just aren't any A-Listers out there that write like this. Her titles make me cry with their sheer brilliance. But Gawd, is that a spooky photo or what? Catch this very cool blog in it's infancy, I hope she keeps it up like this.