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go! spastic

There's two very good reasons to go head over to Warp Records' Site. One is to see a really fantastic flash interface implementation (and I assure you, I am a hard sell).

The other is to see the finalists of an animation contest based on the songs of the new album by Square Pusher. Square Pusher's new album Go Plastic is this kind of sweet, spastic electronic music that really makes me think twice about electronic music. It's constantly shifting and moving, but still maintains this kind of coherence that makes it supremely listenable.

Months ago, people were invited to make animations based on the songs on the album, and the finalists are displayed here as quicktime movies. I recommend the animation for the song Go! Spastic. Enjoy!

This is the sort of thing I would never be exposed to if it weren't for my super-hip, yet extremely accessible and sweet friend Beth. So this is via Beth, but there's no link to her, cause she doesn't have a site. She's too cool for that.