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Thanks to the outstanding Mena Trott, of dollarshort.org, I now have a working comment system for the tinyblog. It may still be plain black on white, or it may be in it's snazzy stylesheet-activated form already, but in any case it is functional.

I would like to express my profound thanks to Mena, and to her husband Ben, who coded the darn thing. I've been bummed ever since blogvoices went down, and I asked Mena if I could somehow use her supercool custom comment system back when I reviewed her blog, and promptly forgot about it About two weeks ago she presented me with the code.

So, thanks again, and good luck to her weary self in the upcoming 24 Hour Blogathon on the 28th. Speaking of the Blogathan, the tinyplace will be sponsoring both dollarshort.org and blog you! as they blog for the very worthy Guide Dogs for the Blind and Amnesty International, respectively.

Now you don't have to write me a cumbersome Email message every time you just wanna say, "Sheesh, Daniel, what's your problem?"