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just because my arm is broken, doesn't mean I can't code

I haven't been blogging much because I haven't been at work, my primary internet connection. I did, however, finally get a computer at home, which means I have been one busy cat. If you go to http://www.shauny.org/tinyplace/index.html, you will find quite a sorry little page. But not for long!

I will soon be launching the tinyplace as a full site, complete with meaningless, egoic personal ephemera. I will have a blog review section, for one thing, and a section entitled, if I call it poetry, will anyone read it?, with poems, adornments, and hopefully streaming media performances of the work (since most of it was written for the spoken word). I'm hoping to be ready for launch sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'm all excited even just thinking about it.

Once again my greatest thanks to those of you who sent Emails of concern and/or Emails giving me a hard time. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.