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I typed "pussy" into yahoo and all I got was this stupid weblog

i typed "pussy" into yahoo and all I got was this stupid weblog

Shauna used to call me all the time. She had some kind of wicked long distance plan that allowed her to talk an hour to the US for three bucks. So, she would call me at my graveyard job and basically listen to me blab about my life...you know, sort of like the tinyblog, but it's verbal, and more stream of conciousness.

She does not really like to talk. If I stop talking she says, "Halooooo..." in her sweet little Australian voice, as if she's making sure I'm still there. Sometimes I could get her to talk...about her family mostly, rarely about her. I do know she likes having her butt groped, though, so if anyone near Canberra can go give her a solid grope for me I'd sure appreciate it.

But first daylight savings time, and then her long distance company going under conspired to keep her from her frequent calls. It has been months, when suddenly, I picked up the line and heard that familiar, "Halooooo..."

How happy I was to regale her with my new tales and hear her cooing dulcet tones. Reminds me how much I like her.

Anyway, she's kind of an insecure cat. No matter how many people tell her they love her, she doesn't believe it, or they're the wrong people, or they just said it to be nice, or something. But it doesn't hurt to try. Why don't you stop by shauny.org today and give her site a little once over, and kick around through her archives for gems. Not to mention reading today's post, which is truly top shelf. Then go hit her guestbook and write something nice...but make it sound credible, eh?

I'm gonna review her blog What's New Pussycat pretty soon, but I didn't want to wait to give a shout out to a truly funny lass from southeast Australia who I've never met, but has really made a difference in my life.