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please don't get too discouraged

I know, I know. It's confounding. As soon as you think of a pretty workable system to deal with everything that's coming at you, a new ball of crap lands in your lap and you realize you had it all wrong.

And people...just when you start to love and trust them you somehow unearth their greatest cruelty. Constantly they are either too invasive or too withdrawing. They are inconsistant and have double standards. They expect of you things they would never consider doing themselves. When even the tiniest wrong word is said they are up in arms over it.

The money. It seems set up so that you can never just get it together and live your life in a peaceful way by working at what you're skilled at doing, and love to do. Just to feed yourself, or god forbid a family, like a human being really should eat costs a high enough percentage to be a burden. Trying to think about all of the expenses you will incur between when you cannot work and when you die is maddening.

There's no place to hide. The drugs don't work (for long), and everything on this place that is wonderful eventually becomes a disappointment.

I know, I know. But get up. Take a shower. Calmly address your mess, assume that you're blessed. Then try again and do your best. There's no other option.



I just absolutely love this one. Calmly address your mess and assume you're blessed, indeed. When desolation hits me, I do the dishes. It's a small act of calmness, an ordinary usefull activity. My kitchen is always cleanest when I'm a fuckin' mess.

tinyboy, you rock,
love, rzan