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all their sweet ways

Last night I missed every girl I've ever loved.

The way they let me in on their sweet ways, their secret languages, their dark secrets, and their delicious smiles.

Their gifts, their sweet cards (most of which I still have) and little notes and Emails.

Their tantrums, their dark insecurities, their subtle fears, their strange pasts, their body issues, and their ability to be one hundred times more mature than me and have the maturity of a five year old little girl at the same time.

The way they opened up their sweet bodies and hearts to me (to some extent anyway), their foxy secret little ways, their delicious come-ons.

I love what it feels like to be in a woman's innermost circle of confidence, where I get the unvarnished truth about her opinion of things. Being in on a woman's daily plans, being friends with that extra practical component.

It's much less complicated to be solo. Every woman comes with her own set of craziness. There is no normal lover. There is no normal person. There is no normal love.

* weighty sigh *

Carry on, Daniel...carry on.