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a couple of minor things

A couple of minor things tonight cause I have homework, but I have a good story for this week!

Ok, first of all:

Metric Buttload links. If you don't think this is funny, there must be something wrong with you!

Definition of the metric buttload.
Reference to, at The Paperwork.
Reference to, at Marn's Big Adventure
The Metric Buttload of Code generator virus.
Can the mBl measurement be applied to fiancees?

tinyblog disturbing search requests

my friend the chocolate c
"lincoln park" blogger
naked hippie pictures
i spanked my sister naked
transsexual bar in seattl

Boy is somebody EVER barking up the wrong tree!

Also, please remember.

You may think that there's a good reason not to be sweet to yourself...but you're wrong. Ease up!