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I went to the library in my new neigborhood to look through the CD stacks, and what did I find? METALLICA!

Nowadays of course I'm more of a jazz, motown, funk, folk music kinda guy, but seeing that bloody red cover of Kill 'em All took me back to the days of my friend Aaron Parsons sloppily playing the Four Horseman riff and just getting so excited. So, even though I'm really not much into this kind of music anymore, I got it anyway, and I still think it's bloody brilliant!

In the meantime I have heard so much more music, and so now, much of the music I liked back then strikes me as a bit daggy, even completely sucky. For instance, I once really liked Phil Collins, and now cannot stand that hack-ass songwriter. But Metallica clearly stands the test of time. I haven't hear Load, Reload, and Buttload, but these old albums are something else. I remember Master of Puppets being my favorite.

They just have such a sense of how to use space in a song. I went to go see them at the Metro Centre in Rockford, IL when I was 14 or so. When they sang Master of Puppets, there's that part where it goes Master...Master.... and there's these little pauses of just under a second...and every fan knew the timing...so in concert when they played that song, there would be these milliseconds of absolute silence in this huge fuckin' stadium between those words. Goddamn it makes me want to go to a Metallica concert right now!

Plus, they're such a pure metal band. It's like they define the boundaries of the genre...not a hint of glam or satanism...just pure gnarly metal.

I'm not going to go out and buy the CD or anything...the time in my life for Hit the Lights has passed, but I just thought you should know.