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loose pages poems: bosnian dream

(notebook paper, ripped out of the coil)
(Bosnian translation by Nina Pozegija)

I dream of the Autumn
and when I dream
the leaves fall and cover my eyes

They smell like a smoky morning.

Sanjan jesen
i kada sanjan
Lisce pada I mokriva mi oci

Mirisu hao dimljeno jutro.

Translator's note: This isn't a very good translation, because you would never use the word 'smoky' like that. The word I used is only good for, like, sausages.

it's a loose pages / one a day poem.


Hi Nina!

I hope you are OK. Wishing all the best to you!

from Hungary.

mala molim te da mi se javis jer te svuda trazim........
cesto mi nedostajes ......
i mislim na tebe