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my good qualities

I've been feeling like my good side has been underrepresented here on the tinyblog, so I just wanted to take a moment to extol my good qualities:

- I truly love anyone I have ever loved, and so I feel quite confident saying "I love you".
- I learn really well in school and try to help other people in class who aren't getting it as well.
- I am good to my mom and my sister.
- I know that I'm not perfect and am always working towards rooting out my own confusion and correcting it.
- I don't maintain or nurture prejudices towards others based on race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, or anything else.
- I'm open to every person and would never shut someone off from communicating with me (even if communicating with them is very painful).
- I'm good at touching people and creating an environment where people feel alright about being touched. (I'm a massage therapist).
- I'm a righteous performance poet.
- I'm always nice to people when they first wake up in the morning.
- If I realize I'm wrong about something, I always try to correct it instead of covering it up.
- I don't hate anyone.
- I try to make people comfortable about their own wierdness, I really respect all of the variations in human life and character and really work to accept all of them.

Hm...I feel better. Thanks.


I'm a massage therapist, too. Can I link you?