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BlogSpot blog of the day 7

BlogSpot Blog of the day (I think maybe it was insulting to call them dorky, they are really very good.) : 13 Days From Monday.

Also, on there was a link to this poetry site. My favorite three:

Have I mentioned lately
how much I love you?
I meant to.
I'm sorry.
Good thing there's this holiday, huh?

I wish I could give you that sunset.
I wish I could give you that rainbow.
I wish I could give you that wedding you always wanted.
Here's a Hershey bar.
Have some patience, please.
I'm only one fucking person.

You know I love you.
We shower together.
And you make me stand in the drafty spot.
I don't complain.
I get a better view of your ass that way.

Wow, that actually reminds me of how nice it is to not be in a relationship.