Daniel Talsky's 28th Birthday Party

Friday May 9th, 2003


Come celebrate in the backyard as we violate the Seattle City and King County burn bans. We intend to burn stuff, play loud music, roast meat (or some pale substitute) over an open fire, and celebrate my birthday.

Who: Daniel Talsky

What: A bonfire party.

When: May 9th, 2003...7pm until exceedingly late.

11015 27th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98125

Why: My birthday (only provided for journalistic completeness).

What to bring: Yourself, primarily...this is an all-inclusive party, Cara, you don't need to ask if you want to bring your 15 closest friends. If there's anything you particularly like to roast over an open fire, or drink, that would be fabulous. Also, since it's my birthday party, you could bring a few of the kindest nugs you can obtain. We will probably supply enough food and drink to supply everyone's basic needs, though, so don't worry about coming empty handed.

By the way, if you can play a musical instrument, bring it, so Josh will have someone to play music with. Otherwise he will feel great regret, and you really don't want that, because then he will write a silly song that ridicules your basic beliefs. Then he'll ask you about your sex life.

The presents conundrum: Don't stop at the drug store on the way there and get me some extra strength tylenol or try to buy me a book on linux cause you know I'm into computers. Unless you really feel moved to get me something, please don't worry about coming empty handed. If you're the spastic sort of person who ignores such dispensations, then just get me something made out of paper.

Questions? Email me: or call the house (206) 459-3722.