The Launching Point.

What is a Launching Point Anyway?

Subject: Random Writing Idea 
From: "Josh Rosenstein"   
Date: Thu, July 10, 2003 6:12 pm   
To: "Daniel Talsky"   
Priority:  Normal  

Hey- so- I was thinking last night about how much it would help me develop my writing if I actively did the kind of stuff I used to love about creative writing classes. Like- where someone gives you a scene/character/sentence and you have to develop it into a short story- or just a sketch- and I was thinking about how I really don't want to pay for a creative writing class especially since most of the people would probably suck and I could probably think up exercises just as easily as any professor could- but what I am missing, see, is a group of a few good writers who would be into doing something like this- what I am envisioning is not a huge time commitment or even a critique group- rather- maybe- I could send an email to one person with three random ideas- say:

  1. Two guys are in a car, driving south, they pull off the highway and do a couple of lines of coke before getting back on the road. Suddenly the driver swerves into the path of an oncoming semi....
  2. Jonny slid the pistol into his pocket. He liked the feel of it there, heavy and cool. He wrapped his fingers around the grip and stood up...
  3. Michelle wiped a string of cum off her cheek and gazed up at the guy with sincere appreciation.

    "Thanks, man," she said...
  4. or whatever- any idea to spark a story- and then we could pass it around- each person comes up with three ideas for the next person- or maybe something different- in any case- I am writing you guys because not only are you guys all writers whose work I respect, but, hey, I like you too! So- please let me know if A. you are interested, B. If you have any ideas about how to make it work-

    cool- thanks