kissingparty (16K)

Kissing Party

Buy Nothing Day - November 28th 2003
Seattle, Washington, Earth

It is a kissing party. It is at the beach (but inside). Fire, yes. Kahlua, yes. Pomegranites, yes. Minty tea, yes.

You RSVP because you might never get the chance again in your whole life.

Tell us the secret password and maybe we let you come. Email addresses:


  1. You must be willing to kiss anyone who asks you.
  2. No freaking out. You are responsible for yourself. Drama = bad.
  3. You must remember this: a kiss is just a kiss.
  4. No unexpected guests.
  5. You must not have any communicable diseases more serious than the common cold. This includes any recent exposure to mononucleosis or the flu, any recent outbreaks of cold sores or oral herpes, any form of hepatitis, or anything else that you could give to someone whilst kissing them.