Invention: Ben Sodenkamp's 26th Birthday Party

Sunday Night, August 17th @ 7pm

Everyone is invited for an evening of music and carousing for Ben's birthday party. Bring an invention to fascinate Ben with, and something to toss on the grill.

The details:

This is happening potluck-style, but there will be hamburgers and hot-dogs. Bring anything else you want to eat, drink, or throw on the grill.

To fulfill specifications for Ben Sodenkamp's birthday party, you will arrive with one or more of the following:
Why: Ben is a geeky, inventive, hard-drinkin', guitar-pluckin', kid-raisin' Alaskan who likes to meet specifications. We want people to come up with inventions to keep him entertained on this special day.

If you just can't come up with anything inventive to entertain him, you can just wear lingerie.

When: 7pm on August 17th, 2003
Where: 11015 27th Ave. NE in Seattle See a map.

Call 206-417-3606
or Email for details and directions.